Cooking at home: A Healthy Investment

Before we begin, let me ask you a simple question.

Why to cook at home?

You may say, what kind of a question is this.

Yes, we are correct in one or the other way because we are never bothered about whether we cook at home or not.

It’s natural for anybody to react in such a manner as we are not concerned about asking this question because there is nothing sensational in it.

Do you remember the lockdown period in 2020?

No one on this earth will forget it.

Most of the industries got affected within 24 hours and the one that topped the list was Food Industry.

Because of the Pandemic situation all the Hotels, Restaurants, Fast food chains were shut down.

We all have the habit of eating out and it is growing exponentially until this wave hit us so badly.

During this period people started realizing the importance of cooking at home.

This was not a new thing in our society. We all know that home cooked food is the best for our family.

But we human beings follow only when something goes wrong.

During the lockdown many people discovered that they can cook well at home and tried with variety of dishes from soups to desserts to bakery products. Even they learnt how to make fast food like Paani Puri, Pav bhaji and many things by staying at home.

There is a great saying “Necessity is the mother of invention”

Many people learnt the importance of self dependence and caring for each other and understood the value of this statement “To reach to a person’s heart the road map is laid down through the stomach”.

I will connect the question Why to cook at home? to many other factors and the first one is

Cooking for a family.

Let’s go into the past.

When I was a child my grandmother used to cook for the whole family and my mom used to learn from her.

One night when we were about to sleep I asked my grandmother why do you insist us to eat at home?

She closed her eyes for a while and then gave a wise answer. My child there is a great saying “You are what you eat”.

When we cook food at home it is not only about the nutrients that we take care about while we are into the process of cooking but we make sure that we cook it in such a way that the atmosphere of the Kitchen is filled with positive vibes and along with that the state of mind of the person who is cooking the meal must be happy and peaceful.

She considered Food as a medicine which nourishes not only our body but our mind and soul. Along with the nutrients we need to take care about the emotional energy that is going into that food.

I didn’t understand anything because I was not matured enough to absorb it at that age. But she made it so simple by giving a wonderful example.

She said when we are in a Temple or a Gurudwara we all consumes the food there because we feel that it has all the blessings of the God. The fact is the people who cook the food there are in a state of providing unconditional service to the humanity and they are happy while cooking.

Because of the positive vibes at the holy places, the emotional energy of the food is very high and people irrespective of whether they are rich or poor they never refuse to eat.

In the same way we need to start treating our Kitchen as a holy place so that its surrounding is filled with high energy.

Even a simple dish like Dal and Rice tastes so well if it is cooked by a happy person. I understood what she said.

Do you agree?

I’m confident that you will.

The second important factor is

Home cooked food is more Hygienic.

Imagine there is a cook who comes to your home to prepare the meal and you never know what is the state of his/her mind. Even if he/she has taken a bath and well dressed and cooks the food with clean hands still it is impossible to figure out the state of mind. He may have some conflicts with his friends or family members or may have cheated many people. If he comes to your home to cook in such a state of mind what will be result of the food that is cooked.

Let me share another example.

Imagine you are at the breakfast table at home and your mom says one more Roti my child when you are about to finish. This is called giving without expectations. She makes sure that the place where the food is cooked is clean and all the food products are packed properly or washed properly before cooking.

Now if there is a cook and you ask for more suddenly there will be a thought in his/her mind. Everyday he eats only two and today he is asking more. This is called business mind that is speaking to him/her and not a mind who thinks of giving which is normal when you hire a cook and pay him for the service but this will not benefits at emotional level because that food is prepared by a cook and not by a family member.

So I believe that the meaning of the hygienic should not be considered only with the external condition but also internal. This way we can achieve a better physical as well as emotional health.

We know that in many circumstances we cannot afford to eat food prepared by the family members but still we need to be self dependent because it is a about our life which is more valuable than any object.

Let’s move on to the third factor

Environmental benefits of cooking at home.

Can you see the reality captured in this picture?

Many people eat outside and through the packing material on the road and roadside which has a better chance of being consumed by animals like cow, dogs and birds. It is harmful to the people and the soil because of the land pollution.

In fact, people eat and throw some part of the food in open and this will give an invitation to many disease. Food thrown in open can raise the level of carbon dioxide gas which is harmful to the environment.

When we start cooking at home we will be able to reduce the amount of solid waste that is getting created because of the processed food or the packed food.

The vegetable and fruits wastage can be the properly dumped in a closed bin at home and can be disposed in a garbage vehicle rather than throwing it in open.

We can also manage well and check how much quantity of food needs to be cooked for the family members for a particular meal and wastage is minimized.

It is also Cheaper to cook at home because the ingredients that we buy to cook will last for a long time because we can store it in a clean and dry place at home and we are not paying any extra amount to get the food cooked from someone.

Now if you are eating outside everyday, you have to pay for a meal which is ready to eat and when you notice the total amount spent for a month it is more when compared to the price of food that is cooked at home.

Also we have the option to buy the high quality ingredients from the market which is not possible when you eat a meal which is already cooked outside and you will never know whether the person has added all the high quality ingredients while cooking or not.

Money saved by cooking at home is a double investment because “A better health will create more wealth”.

I agree that it is impossible to reduce the use of packing material completely but we can minimize it when the possibility of cooking at home is at higher side. Yes, we need packing material for some food stuff when we carry it from the market to our home but if we start cooking at home the production of packing material like plastic bags will be reduced.

Family Values can be connected to cooking at home.

Cooking at home is a beautiful process because when a mother cooks she pours all her love in it and makes sure that it taste well and her children feel happy while eating. Children learn when they notice that their parents are cooking at home for them.

The bonding in a family gets stronger when they all sit together to have the meal.

If the parents cook food at home the children will carry this quality when they are grown up and their body will get all the nutrients needed at an younger age along with the emotional energy.

Children who eat at home will learn an importance of prayer before the meal. The thoughts in their mind is integrated and they will feel a sense of gratitude towards almighty for giving them healthy and hygienic food which millions of children do not get and they die because of starvation.

While you are in a restaurant there are so many people sitting under one roof and your focus is wondering from one thing to another.

If you are eating outside you will rarely remember god and pray before the meal.

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